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About us

Apart from Richard Lutze, the organisation currently employs 4 design and drafting staff and 1 support staff member. Our office is proud of being efficient in design & time, making the process of building as easy as possible. We believe in taking control of the job & outsourcing competent consultants as early as possible to gain a result in a timely fashion.

We work well with clients, builders & building contractors as we believe we have a very sound knowledge of building construction. We believe in designing creative & great looking buildings that function well, & that are designed to reflect the client’s needs, wishes & budget. It is our philosophy to nurture an ongoing relationship with our clients ensuring both parties prosper, develop and profit. We believe in a strong client and quality focus and maintain a positive relationship with a multitude of clients through this philosophy.

We are a member of Building Designers Association of NSW Incorporated. This enables us to stay on top of the trends in design and the latest technologies and products in the building industry.